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All students are expected to come to school looking neat, clean, and dressed in appropriate attire.  Dress can be regulated when said attire is bizarre, offensive, disruptive, or is distracting to the educational process.  The final decision on the appropriateness of attire shall rest with the school administration.  In all cases of questionable attire, administrators reserve the right to make judgments and decisions regarding "appropriateness and acceptability" of such clothing.  NOTE: Shirts, etc., which display alcohol or drug-related lettering are not to be worn in school.  This conflicts with the anti-drug and alcohol position of the school.  Shirts that display sexually suggestive comments are inappropriate.  A student must change/cover clothing.  Any student who refuses to change/cover the offending clothing will be considered insubordinate.  The principal with the assistance of the faculty has the responsibility to uniformly administer the dress code.  The decision of the principal is final.
  1. All students must wear shoes or sandals.
  2. Hats shall not be worn in the building.  This prohibition includes athletic headbands (sweatbands), bandanas and sweatshirt hoodies.
  3. Shorts may be worn during the school year.  Shorts, skirts, dresses, etc., must be mid-thigh length
  4. Shorts, skirts, dress, etc. with a slit above the knee are unacceptable.  Biker shorts and cutoffs will not be permitted.  
  5. Sandals are permitted as long as feet are clean and the sandals remain on the student’s feet.  
  6. Clothing that has excessive rips, holes, slashes, tears, or are frayed are not permitted.
  7. Tank tops may be worn only if covered by shirts containing sleeves.  Shirts containing less than a four-inch band from collar to shoulder will be considered tank tops.  Shirts with cut off sleeves or no sleeves will not be permitted.  NO cleavage is to be seen.
  8. Clothing which exposes the midriff and backless attire are violations of the dress code.
  9. Any item containing offensive language, suggestive statements or symbols are prohibited.
  10. Pants, shorts and skirts must be worn at the natural waist line; undergarments are not to be exposed.
  11. The administration may waive specific areas of the dress code for spirit days and special events.  
  12. The administration will make the final decision regarding dress code violations.   
    Neatness is always in style.  Remember that you are an ambassador for your school and family.  Neat appearance shows respect for you and the community.  If a student has any doubts about their clothing being appropriate for school, the best idea is not to wear the clothes.


Students: Please adhere to the dress code.



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