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Arcadia Local Schools

Cornerstone of Our Community
Preparing All Students for Life

Arcadia History

Arcadia Local Schools
   The Arcadia community has always been interested in a sound educational program from the very earliest log school until Washington Township boasted of it nine district schools, and now is proud of it modern centralized school, which employs sixteen teachers who instruct its 470 pupils.
   The first high school was organized at Arcadia in 1893. The school year of 1907-1908 found us without a high school due to factional disturbances within the township. In 1908 school was resumed. In 1914 the school was granted a first grade charter. Admittance to the North Central Association of High Schools and Colleges, The highest recognition given to any high school, was gained in 1924. The school has held continued membership in this organization since its admittance.(1936 Arcadian Yearbook)
   October , 1919, The Board of Education for the Washington Township Rural School District passed a resolution to submit the question of centralizing the schools of Washington Township Rural School District, Hancock County, OH, to the vote of the qualified electors of said school district.
   This question of centralizing the Washington Township Rural School District was submitted to the qualified electors of said school district at the general election on the 4th day of November, 1919, and a proposition of a bond issue of $190,000, which was to purchase site, erect and equip a new school building for high school and grades. This is carried by 83 votes.
   May 14, 1920, the board decided to locate the building upon its present site, southwest of the village along the State Route.
   It was soon discovered that this amount of money was not sufficient to carry on the complete construction of the building; so on June 6, 1921, the board passed a resolution  calling for a special election for the issuing of bonds amounting to $40,000 for the completion of the new school building. At this special election held the 5th day of July, 1921, the issue lost by a majority of 125 votes.
   On the evening of May 29, 1922, the board passed a resolution to submitting the voters of Centralized School District an issue for $50,000 for the completion and equipping the auditorium and gymnasium, to construct a sewage disposal system, to grade and landscape the ground, to build walk and driveway and to construct a garage for said building. This election to be held the tenth day of July, 1922. This issue carried by a majority of 40, but owing to a legal technicality it was necessary to bring the proposition up at the regular election on the seventh day of November, 1922. This issue carried by a majority of 124 votes.
   December 10, 1919, the County Board transferred a part of Cass Township Rural School District to the Washington Township Centralized School District,
   July 22, 1921, the County Board again transferred a part of Biglick Township Rural School District and the Marion Township Rural School District.
   March 31, 1922, the County Board again transferred another part of Biglick Township Rural School District. By this last addition it makes us an area of about fifty square miles and a nice valuation of $6,000,000, making our Centralized School the largest in operation in the county.
   1923 1st Class to graduate from Arcadia Local Schools. 13 students.
   1923 The Class of 1923 donated the bust of George Washington
   1933 1st Class to attend all 12 years at Arcadia Local Schools.
   1938 Farm Shop, Music Room, and Commercial Room were added to the school.
   1953-1954 1st year for kindergarten
   1954 Two floors were added for elementary, boiler room and cafeteria.
   1958 Alma Mater: Lyrics by Mrs. Marilyn Noel & Music by Mr. Richard Wink 
   1961 Vo Ag classroom, shop, industrial arts, woodworking shop, sheet metal shop, and gymnasium      were added on.
   1965 The BVC League was started
   1966 1st Class to attend 13 years at Arcadia
   1969 Largest class to graduate 66 students
   1976 Six classrooms, cafeteria, kitchen, two storage rooms were added.
   1981 Alterations and renovations were for Biology and Chemistry Lab.
   2012 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence Award
   2019 Elementary wing added 4 classrooms, and 2 offices.
   2020 Walkway into the east side of the school.
   2021 Class of 2022:100th Class to graduate from Arcadia Local Schools. 38 students. 
   2023 The 4001st  student graduated from Arcadia Local Schools
   2023 Cafeteria floors updated and walls painted.
   2023 The Class of 1973 donated $10,000 to the interactive board.